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tv   Waiting For Invasion  Al Jazeera  March 23, 2019 9:00am-10:00am +03

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i did was to protect myself and my son and i couldn't stop the water stripping away our clothes blankets and everything is gone we're suffering. water levels are dropping after two days of relatively good weather but the damage left behind is hampering aid efforts up until three days ago this whole area and this road was completely devastated by the cyclonic covered in water it made passage impossible come along these roads it shows you how difficult delivering any kind of meaningful way by road will be the main focus is by people being rescued by helicopter but that's only making a small fraction of a difference many of the dirt track roads in the countryside have been seriously affected aid is trickling in but the death count is rising and the risk of disease and illness is increasing by the day we're sitting on a ticking bomb as well as what are some additional major news concern and cholera outbreak you know is a reality you know that we would love to be the ready to face malaria is on the
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making already story in this country and the depreciation and but not abilities that people are facing anyway because of the socio economic situation of mozambique will be further exacerbated and clear that will be leading you know to many more crises. for many people in this region life was tough before cyclon eat ice truck it's become even harder they will probably recover eventually but it could take a long long time tony berkeley al-jazeera tika central mozambique still ahead on al-jazeera south american leaders form a new regional club but does it have any hope of solving them as well as crisis us from the get the impact of what's been called a bond cycle in the u.s. midwest.
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hello there for many of us in china there's going to be a fair amount of wet weather to be seen over the next few days doesn't like the rains will be gathering not only as we head through the day on saturday but all safe sunday as well so this system hey gradually increases in volume and gives us heavier rain as we head into sunday so lots of weather to be found here for the southeast though here the showers that we're seeing should gradually break up force on sunday so an improving picture for us a bit further towards the south and for many of us here this plenty of dry fine weather including for many of us in the philippines which isn't necessarily good news because we could really do with some rain here instead the heaviest showers are over parts of borneo and further south over parts of java bawly bodies being particularly wet over the last day or say there will be a couple more showers i think as we head through the day on sunday but i think we'll also see somewhat a weather over the northern parts of java to towards the west and there's plenty of
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showers him most of them though over pos of pakistan as we head through the next few days you can see the showers coming in on the satellite picture so for some of us head up some rather lively downpours there's also a working their way through parts of afghanistan today but towards the south of all of that this fine weather the temperatures are rising no new delhi now thirty one degrees a feeling a bit hot calm but still at thirty one our temperatures not changing. who want to sponsor a town in. fourteen a time of change and discover. love is not for me. to forge an identity. which is peace with me i'm confused. in one nine hundred ninety nine south africa revisits the children of about eight seven years on as they grew and developed with their country. fourteen south africa part one on the al-jazeera.
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watching al-jazeera here is a reminder of the top stories this hour the mother reported russian interference in the transit sixteen u.s. election has been completed it's been handed over to the attorney general will decide on what parts to make public and us democrats want the entire report released democratic senate leader chuck schumer has warned against allowing trump lawyers any review he says this would allow them to interfere with decisions on what goes public. diseases like cholera and malaria are emerging as the new threat to survivors and storm ravaged parts of southern africa aid agencies say huge number of people need help especially in mozambique and zimbabwe. algerians have been out in force for
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a fifth straight friday calling not only for the president to go but the rest of the government too they rallied in the capital cities and towns elsewhere as more of the president's allies abandoned well how much reports. for the fifth friday in a row demonstrators across algeria forward into the streets gray skies did not cloud their enthusiasm rain could not dampen their passion appropriate to the occasion this man carried an umbrella designed in the colors of his country's flag . were coming from all over the country we're all one united under the umbrella of one nation we will keep protesting in the sun in the rain until we get what we want it's been almost a month since demonstrators led by the young began demanding president. withdraw from running for a fifth term in office the eighty two year old leader reversed his decision to stand for reelection but he also postponed polls that were due in april until he
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said political reforms could be implemented he remains the nominal head of the transition process which hasn't just further angered the protesters it's also deepened their. solve. get it no matter how harsh the wind and rain will be no matter how bad the weather will be the regime is harsha we will keep on protesting on thursday even judges joined the demonstrations this sit in outside a local court in the capital was meant to show solidarity with more than one thousand other judges who had earlier refused to oversee the upcoming election if president with a free it was a candidate another big setback for beautifully who also appears to have been deserted by his own party analysts believe friday's protests are among the largest demonstrations ever seen in algeria think it would do the same bus with up and last week and it basically turned into president we. hope we have good momentum
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and you and your government would leave. the army chief says the public has expressed what he calls noble aims during the demonstrations analysts believe those words to be the strongest signal yet that the military may be distancing itself from with defeat and the political elite who support him if so that would be a problem for a president who's been in power for twenty years and a huge support for the hundreds of thousands of protesters who want to ensure the remnants of beautifully because government are gone for good mohammed. well the white house says eisel has not been one hundred percent eliminated from syria but on the grounds that u.s. backed syrians on a crowd of forces say heavy fighting continues rather village of the armed groups territory in the country alan fischer reports from washington. to choose from his supporters donald trump arrived in florida and proclaimed i still had no been driven out of syria i says sort of election day. here's how he says right now you
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look. so there's i said. and that's what we have right now. as of last night just two days ago at the white house he predicted the end of the self-proclaimed caliphate by the end of the day he had already announced the end of eisel back in february but the group still had at least one stronghold in syria at one point i still controlled a huge territory in syria and iraq and the area roughly the size of mainland britain. donald trump has wanted to end u.s. operations in syria for a while then in december he suddenly announced he would withdraw two thousand troops it was such a surprise it provoked the resignation of defense secretary jim mattis and criticism from allies world white now he plans to keep four hundred troops in country pushed by the pentagon and allies in part to stop any research. in the case of syria is a strange game of musical chairs in that the point is this is not just for the
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united states but for russia iran and turkey and israel whoever is intervene in syria is do not have a seat when the music stops because no one wants to pay for the reconstruction of a country and we have one against isis this year alone president trump predicted the end of i saw thirteen times that we will have. one hundred percent of the caliphate i think president trump wants to emphasize that isis is militarily defeated he's not wrong it's just that as an organization it carries on and we have to make sure that it doesn't come back otherwise we really truly do get stuck in endless wars in the middle east donald trump wanted to be the man who defeated eisel as a territorial force. but he'll be told quite clearly this group hasn't gone away alan fischer al-jazeera washington well there's growing criticism of donald trump's announcement that the u.s. should recognize the occupied golan heights as part of israel russia's foreign
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ministry says any such change would violate un agreements turkey egypt iran and syria have also spoken out against it israel captured the golan heights from syria during the one nine hundred sixty seven war we reaffirmed that the united states admit states administration has no right or mandate to decide the fate of the occupied seat on the line and that any tickle condition or any action that involves a violation of the syrian out of any public sovereignty over its occupied territory is in fact an act of aggression. provocation and illegal act and a failure to comply with the united states' obligations as a permanent member of the security council but also as the host country of the united nations when anti racism march was held in the new zealand city of christ church a days after the mosque shootings in which fifty people were killed andrew thomas reports. unlike other things like the last seven days this is not about mourning
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that day but rather celebrating the dog versity of christ church and new zealand as a response to the reaction to the events of last friday this is being organized by the noel butler your student a high school why did you feel this was important i just think it seemed to really strongly sage from you there is really one that can make you change a bit in terms of communication in the next year i should not be tolerating it in the future that will yeah and i think it's really showing the world after and thanks and i will it's probably three or four thousand people who can through the streets of central christchurch for this event you can see them all wearing bright colors they've been encouraged to that and smile it's each of us some people and you can hear me singing. this march started in the past to set them off where the time happened on friday to pick mates they've looped around lost the wall of
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flowers the people are still leaving moving a week on and then walking back towards the park with all the speeches on the soles . eight south american leaders have created a new regional bloc they hope will solve their biggest problems such as the power struggle in venezuela lucien amid reports on chile's capital santiago. south american leader to in santiago to lay the groundwork for a new regional bloc to replace the fifteen year old when i saw it was the brainchild of two left of center leaders in the region at the time the late google . and brazil's. but now the political pendulum has swung in the other direction. it's been more than five years since the presidents of south america got together and the present problems. but membership in a new form would be conditional those in the group must pledge to respect democratic institutions human rights and the separation of powers.
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was not invited. in the short term many see this forum as yet another mechanism to pressure and force him out. and surinam wouldn't sign the final declaration while brazil's president. says the new forum will prevent more of an israel is from emerging in the region. that is objectively. president peña that went further saying days are numbered. responded angrily an insolent servant of u.s. interests but even many critics are happy with this initiative not to be ideological but which clearly represent conservative wave in regional politics in fact a group of former chilean foreign ministers and diplomats have sounded the alarm
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saying that. threat to multilateralism and pluralism in the region so. instead of building an organization and. appears to be the disposed of the new right wing populist that is taking hold of this region. but perhaps the biggest problem with the ambitious forum is that it could be a short lived as its predecessor if the political pendulum in the region shifts yet again. european council president donald tusk says anything is still possible on brecht said after e.u. leaders effectively took control of the time table during a summit on thursday they set to deadlines for britain to depart the blog rex that will happen on may the twenty second if the prime minister can convince parliament to approve or withdrawal deal that they rejected twice already if it's voted down again to reason they will be given until april twelfth to either leave with no deal
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or possibly cancel brock's it altogether it means that the those of a true and the possible do extensions if the u.k. decided to rethink its strategy all invoking article fifty which is to try to get the feel of the u.k. government. the fate of bridget is and so shall we british friend. there you go for the worst. but hope for the best as you know. parts of the midwestern u.s. are still trying to rebuild from a storm earlier this month that was described as a bomb cycle it brought blizzards and flooding and people have been warned to expect more severe weather shihab rattansi reports. last week the u.s. midwest endured what's called a boehm cycling a rapid shift and add pressure causing immensely damaging winds that exacerbated
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the heavy snow fall this week the rivers that were in gold by that storm the subsequent snow melt and the inability of the melted water to penetrate the frozen ground inundating vost areas of nebraska missouri iowa and solvent tribal lands hundreds of millions of dollars of damage have been reported in lost property crops and cattle states of emergency have been declared and for some it's too much work and i. can't i can't live here i can't do this again next year but it's not next year that focuses are concerned about but the coming weeks the flooding is expected to become more widespread and record breaking in fact the u.s. is national oceanic and atmospheric administration is warning that nearly two thirds of the mainland usa faces an elevated risk of flooding until may two hundred million people are at risk of flooding in their communities with some thirty million people potentially experiencing major unprecedented flooding the conditions
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are primed we have a large snow pack in the northern portion the country as well as heavy soil moisture ice almost here from late fall percent taishan and that's setting the stage for what could happen and could try out to be a very widespread and potentially devastating flood season poor infrastructure and watershed management have contributed to the flooding but scientists also say this is the latest manifestation of a changing climate warming oceans evaporating saturating the with moisture fast of unusual snow melt all making weather events like a sudden drop in pressure catastrophic the realization of national water center it was the government's realization that the complexity of water related challenges whether it be too much in the form of floods or too little in the form of crowds required a interagency center here at the national water center an order to be able to take and occur. us government approach to these evolving and changing phenomena get
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officially the troubled ministration refuses to take climate change seriously even as factions in the administration struggled to convince the president at the very least of the threat posed to military installations by the woman who planted the number of bases that hosts the us military strategic command was among the sites flooded this week meanwhile some researchers say as with the rest of the world large areas of the us may soon become uninhabitable as a result of the changing climate i'm not just traditional regions but areas deep inland as well she had her times the al-jazeera. hello again the headlines on al-jazeera the mother reported to residence affair and the twenty sixteen u.s. election has now been completed it's been handed over to the attorney general holder's side on what parts to be made public and donald trump's political rivals the democrats are demanding for the details of the report to be released immediately now that special counsel muller has submitted his report to the
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attorney general it's imperative for mr barr to make the full report public and provide its underlying documentation and findings to congress attorney general barr must not give the president trump his lawyers or his staff any sneak preview of special counsel mahler's findings or evidence and the white house must not be allowed to interfere in decisions about what parts of those findings or evidence should be made public. diseases like cholera and malaria are emerging is the new threat to survivors and storm ravaged parts of southern africa a huge number of people need help especially in mozambique and. been out in force again for a fifth friday calling for president of the entire establishment to step down they
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rallied in the capital algiers as well as in smaller cities across the country the white house says eisel has been one hundred percent eliminated from syria but u.s. backed syrian democratic forces say there are still heavy fighting with iceland who is the last remaining pocket under the control of the armed group there is growing criticism of donald trump's announcement the u.s. should recognize the occupied golan heights as part of israel russia's foreign ministry says any such change would violate un agreements turkey egypt iran and syria have also spoken out against israel captured the golan heights from syria during the one nine hundred sixty seven war south american leaders have decided to form a new regional prosumer more than half the members of the previous are left last year as it became divided over how to respond to the venezuelan crisis and as well as not a member of the. those are the latest headlines on al-jazeera we'll have more news for you coming up after inside story.
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donald trump says the u.s. should change its policy on syria is going heights which is occupied by israel that's being condemned around the world but israel's prime minister is celebrating so what's behind trump's move and what are the implications this is inside story. and welcome to the program i'm nick clegg the state of the occupied golan heights
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has been the delicate issue for more than fifty is israel captured the area from syria in one thousand nine hundred sixty seven and next to it in a move never recognized internationally now once again donald trump tweet is threatening to overturn decades of to play missy he posted it's time for the united states to fully recognize israel sovereignty over the golden heights saying it is strategically important for israel and for regional stability while syria iran turkey and russia say the announcement is irresponsible recognizing israeli occupation would defy u.n. resolutions and malcolm major shift in u.s. policy israel's prime minister is praising trump's move as historic he did again first. recognize drusilla was israel's capital move the u.s. embassy then he pulled out of the disastrously wrong tree to reimpose arms and but
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now he did something. of equal. historic importance to recognize israel's sovereignty over the golan heights and he did so at a time when iran is trying to use syria's a platform to attack and destroy israel and the message that president trump has given the world is that america stands by israel while its head now from stephanie decker our correspondent who has more from the occupied golan heights. what you're looking at now is the syrian golan heights where we are is these radio go to heights and of course this region is now firmly in the international spotlight following a tweet by u.s. president donald trump saying that the americans will be recognizing this area as legitimately israeli territory while there's been a deluge of international reaction saying they don't agree with that from the european union to the russians to the iranians to the french to turkey and even the syrians saying that they will do anything it takes to take it back now what many
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analysts will tell you is that this is playing very firmly into the hands of these really prime minister benjamin netanyahu ahead of hotly contested elections here in israel that will take place on april the night we are expecting an official announcement of this decision perhaps next week when benjamin netanyahu visits the united states but certainly it is seen as a major victory for him netanyahu has been lobbying for this for years but the fact that this timing is happening just two weeks ahead of these elections is seen as president donald trump and dorsett the israeli prime minister when it comes to a very hotly contested election what will be the repercussions practically when it comes to this decision will remain to be seen but certainly there are now three things that mention yahoo is playing at the fact that the u.s. embassy's been moved to jerusalem the fact that the americans pulled out of the iran nuclear deal and now the fact that the americans will be recognizing this area internationally recognized recognized as occupied land as sovereign israeli
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territory stephanie decker for inside story. we're going to try and dig into some of those repercussions let's bring in our guests joining us first of all from west jerusalem is mitchell barrett. global research and he was an adviser to former israeli president shimon peres from brussels we're joined by softly advocacy officer for. human rights center in the golan heights and joining us from. simon mabel no you see the electra in international studies at lancaster university welcome to you all so i puff a century of u.s. policy reversed in just one tweet first up let's just get your you know brief. reactions to this news and then we'll delve more deeply into the mire of questions that it presents and if we could start with you your based in the golan heights what do you say to this absolutely thank you for having me so as the only
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organization in the occupied golan dedicated to preserving human rights and protecting international law unequivocally rejects this policy shift the suggested policy shift because it blatantly violates international law to pull levels and evaluates israel as systematic human rights abuses in the region that have been occurring since israel initially occupied the reason region ok what about you how do you how is this going to houses going down in this row. well this is an absolute consensus issue meaning there's not any israeli that is going to say this is wrong it's really not even a groundbreaking tweet everyone knows that the golan heights belongs to israel it was annexed by israel in one thousand nine hundred one all of the people there were given citizenship and the fact that in the beginning of your story you said syria iran russia and turkey condemned it because all those terror actors are active in syria and this protects the israeli people simon to differing views what's the
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dispassionate view if you like well look this is just the tweet up present as a great deal more that has to be done for it to be formally recognized in u.s. foreign policy i think the other thing is that while it doesn't necessarily change anything on the ground it's going to have serious repercussions in terms of how international politics is conducted because it is a essentially a flagrant breach of international law ok well before we launch into it let's give it some background now israel and syria have fought two wars over the golan heights the main conflict was in june one thousand nine hundred sixty seven when israel captured the area from syria and after defeating egypt and jordan six years later syria tried to regain control but was repelled in one thousand nine hundred four syria and israel signed an agreement to establish a un buffer zone but in nine hundred eighty one israel announced it was an exciting the region and that's not recognized internationally leaked documents have suggested that in two thousand and ten the israeli prime minister offered to
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withdraw from the golan heights during secret talks with syria benjamin netanyahu tonight this a negotiation stopped when the syrian civil war began in two thousand and eleven so i'm not going to come back to you first of all the thing is the golan heights was not a major issue wasn't really an issue at all out of the open at least it wasn't on the table but suddenly it's front and center and everybody's shouting about it and in that way it creates a problem. you know there's i think there are two issues at play here one is that it's deeply symbolic the the fact that it was an ex that was occupied and now the change of language is deeply symbolic but the second point is that it's strategically incredibly important and that gets at the real sort of changing security dynamics in the region we know that israel has a long had a real sense of a fear with regard to its neighborhood numerous foreign ministers have said that israel lives in a bad tough neighborhood and the golan has always been an area that that is seen to
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be a bit of a strategic weakness it's the sites that that israel controls its northern border through so it's deeply important for its strategic purposes but also the symbolism of its moving from the annexation of the occupation through to the sort of the nod to formal recognition and sovereign power is is really quite significant erin the mitchells point really that many in israel would simply say it just acknowledges reality that israel effectively annexed the golan heights years ago. yes so israel and its the go on hates it on its own it didn't consult the native syrian population in the region whatsoever and mitchell stated that syrians in the golan were offered citizenship they were offered citizenship however the vast majority reject that citizenship only six point five percent of the syrian population in
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four of the five remaining native villages have actually sought out israeli citizenship and last year in an election the first local elections held in the region since occupation began voter turnout to support israeli authority in the region was between one and three percent between four of the five native villages the people have rejected this the people have always rejected this and it's just a blatant violation of international law and the right to self-determination mitchell barghoorn to come back on that point. yeah i mean i i bet they probably are disappointed that they can't be voting for hafez assad again for not tough as us and for us again you know because those are the elections they're used to participating in where they vote for us out and then five hundred thousand people are killed in a civil war and isis almost takes over i mean i think it's a little bit ludicrous some of this discussion in that the people that are there they are living in the as in israel those that want to participate can they were
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extended the right to do that and you know it's basically the high ground above israel in the north it's looks out on the. lake and it's not even up for discussion there's no there's no discussion here every israeli believes that it is part of israel it is strategically in part part of israel and maybe if we would have had the discussion before the arab spring or during the arab spring where it looked like the arab world was turning into this democratic oasis there could even be a discussion about it with various their latest material there would not be terror by the actors wait a second the actors that are taking place in syria in syria are syria iran russia turkey it's basically a hot bed and a incubator for terrorism terror attacks against it will come to that in the second what i want to put you michel back is that the talks about the city for this to happen because it is important for the security of israel but now you have
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because of this announcement you have iran saying it brings it to the edge of a new crisis syria saying it's going to use all means to get it back does this sound like it's done much good for the security of the region it's what does it good luck good luck good luck to syria but what about how we've been able to do anything but what if they were to try this and it hasn't done in the security the region is going to make it with us in the media. you know the problem is there needs to be more international influence not against israel and next thing it or not against the u.s. recognizing the facts on the ground that it is part of israel in. national pressure should have been for the last decade where a half a million syrians are being killed where the russians are involved there where the iranians are involved where it's basically a hotbed for terror that's what people should be concerned and i'm sure that donald trump is not afraid that if that it's that people may say it's a violation of international law and the u.n. may condemn it as trump would say bring on the fight because it's not even it's not even a serious issue but most of the people understand for regional stability you know syria doesn't need to have more opportunities to launch terror attacks they need to
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have less air and saw theocracy want to come back yeah absolutely i want to make two very quick points first michel said israelis believe the golan is part of israel that doesn't really matter it's not israeli territory the israelis don't have a say and what happens in syrian territory whether or not it's occupied by israel that's the first point the second point is there has been a lot of talk about the security situation in the go on and how it threatens israel when in reality the former i.d.f. officials within the last week have said a lot of these concerns specifically the hezbollah the creation of hezbollah a terrorist cells on the golan heights is overstated a former commander of the north called it noise and ruckus about nothing there isn't a security threat to israel the security threat is donald trump provoking middle
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eastern countries to have reactions to this issue they're going to assign them a bond is do you think it's donald trump's tweet is it the action of somebody who does not understand the sensitivities of the regional or somehow is it more calculated tactically. perhaps a bit of both to be honest i think we know that he's got his is grand plan for peace between israel and the palestinians and the arab world more broadly we know that he wants the united the israelis and the gulf arab states against iran and and this is perhaps another step in that great strategic vision but obviously it comes a cost and that cost is the people of the golan heights in and i must just point out that over the past twenty years or so benjamin netanyahu has engaged in secret talks with the syrians and so have other israeli leaders and the issue of the golan heights has come up time and time again where it's been suggested and discussed about the goal line going back to syria so i think it tells you
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a great deal about about the israeli public's view of this yes of course there are many who view it as an integral part of the israeli state but there are others including mr netanyahu who at times have said sure we're willing to give this up in order to get a more peaceful neighborhood so i think that it's quite a contest that issue and i'm sure will get on to the concept of sovereignty later on but there's a whole host of issues that have been raised up just from this one tweet proclaiming that the golan is now israeli sovereign territory ok we are going to come into sovereignty in a minute i just want to talk about the business of these ready election that's coming up that will trump has perhaps given a leg up to netanyahu in the coming elections mitchell to what degree will this help netanyahu is going to help ensure menace lays out one leg up its two legs of two legs up i mean this is this is tremendously helpful for netanya because it again in the israeli mind it cements the fact that he has an unbelievable excellent
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relationship with donald trump and with the u.s. administration and they're talking from the same talking points they're on the same they're on the same page and he brought up those as we said in the beginning of the program those three things moving the embassy to jerusalem which again was going to be the most disaster in the region as. because violence everything u.s. move the embassy it's worked out fine the second one was cancelling the agreement with the iranians was a biggest threat to israel what netanyahu has been talking about for the last decade trump now did it and now the golan heights so he's now a few weeks before the election able to show the israeli voters not only does he has a best relationship with the us president of any leader in the whole world but he's taking on or helping the likud agenda or the right of center and it's and now government agenda for things that no one ever dreamed possible certainly not in what administration and certainly not with massive concessions in order to get those things that are the mood in israel be very good and i think we will see a movement back towards and that's and you know because
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a lot of people say in israel people are voting on geopolitics and on defense and security and this fits perfectly it right on air and so is the how does it make you feel based on the get go and hunt and then the people who live there and how would they feel indeed about the geography their region being used as a pawn in election. you know it really is being used as as a political tool and these people's rights are being used as upon the thing that really isn't being covered in the media simon touched on it briefly and in the violations of international laws that israel systematically discriminates and impresses native syrians in the golan and they have for over fifty years this comes in and land them building rights this comes in hijacking agricultural industries in the region over thirty four illegal settlements over one hundred sixty seven illegal settlement businesses that manipulate syrians natural resources in the
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region this is all validated through this tweet and it's simply trying trying to show support for his friends and in doing so playing with the lives of about twenty seven thousand native syrians michel sleiman talk talk of sovereignty and that's something we must come on to because time is running on this in this show no one denies that the gotan is syrian in name all that is rather quiet during the war so it is a dangerous precedent is it not to go against the founding principle of the un charter that the acquisition of territory by war is wholly inadmissible in this is what has happened here. well i know that there's a lot of people that are trying to say well here's what the real problem is if trump tweets out that israel belongs to the go on that the go on the losses of which has been happening since one thousand nine hundred eighty one according to israeli law according to what israelis think any even according to what the international community and many countries are you know accepting and then you're
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going to have other countries that have taken over areas russia and others that are going to now annex and use this as an example i don't think this is really a great argument i don't think it's really of concern to israelis israelis see this one thousand nine hundred sixty seven was a defensive war syria had the high ground it's been a you know dictators from dictators ships there that are their evil even to their own people they kill and slaughter their own people they are family so this is a protection for israel having the golan heights is that protection nobody is really concerned geopolitically what happens in other regions and with other places and it may be a you know example of well could happen partner should be concerned rather read what president or similar what happens geopolitically in other places in france and germany have already come out and said that they disagree with this that is that legal as simon mabel it is the danger that you know how can you accept the an
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exaggeration of the golan by israel and then refuse the annexation of crimea by russia. exactly i think what it does fundamentally is misreads the concept of sovereignty it's equating sovereignty with power and i think that's deeply problematic of course there is a degree of power and there is or thora to within the concept of sovereignty but it's so much more it's about recognition it's about what ptolemy it's about self-determination it's about citizens haven't the right to establish their own set of governance and their own elections and there's no doubt that the assad family the assad then is the has been disastrous and how the devastating impact for the people of syria that's never in doubt but what is in doubt what is in question is the equation of sovereignty with power the fact that israel has controlled the golan heights through force through military forces on x. then occupied the golan heights through force and that that has thus been equated with sovereignty that is deeply problematic and it's certainly sets
9:41 am
a worrying precedent for any state to go and then conquer any territory and to hold it for a certain period of time what this does is says that over that time you can then have a precedent for it being recognized as your own sovereign territory there and you want to jump in the. yeah very quickly first first and foremost the talking point about sixty seven being a defensive war israel was helpless and needed to take the heights to ensure its its protection is simply overstated his or ill acted with aggression first we can talk about build up of tension but israel acted first in that conflict so what simon is saying is correct this is aggressive action on behalf of israel to take territory of another land and then if you hold it long enough other countries what trump is saying is other countries will recognize it. another issue is that
9:42 am
people often compare this to russia and crimea as a recent example there are a lot of similarities i want to draw one really stark difference and it's that we can argue about the validity of it but in crimea there was at least a referendum with the people where they had a say in what they what who would govern their territory the people in syria have never been consulted the people in occupied syrian golan have never been consulted in fact they've been pushed down israel has perpetuated this narrative that these are druze like the druze in galilee and they don't feel oppression they don't they aren't discriminated against they were offered israeli citizenship the reality is these are syrians they don't have israeli citizenship and they are being discriminated against are going to have never had a say going to jump on that is because we had a colony and we're running out of time so i'm going to want to move on to the peace process quickly which currently of this is moving it's all at the moment to trump
9:43 am
has promised a deal of the century how how does all this fit into that. well it's got potentially worrying implication for in the sense the israel has is going to a complex relationship with the palestinian territories with the west bank it's it's got obviously exits power and so and or thora t. over it but if if we follow the logic of this argument from the golan heights then it could easily be argued that israel considers the palestinian territories sovereign israeli territory now that in itself would be devastating for any type of peace process but it would also raise serious questions for for the israeli body politic in terms of its maintaining its its nature as a jewish and democratic society a jewish and democratic state because if it was the do that to lay claim to sovereignty over the palestinian territories then there are serious issues for it's
9:44 am
very essence it's x. the stench or existence if you will maintain that jewish and democratic character so i think there are serious concerns for the peace process and it's a very worrying time which will barack obama do you say to the. well i think he made some good points in that it does bring it may bring some serious questions about a jewish and democratic state about land and so forth but what i think i think this whole thing and i think that everything is trump a president of his own will be helpful to the peace process here for one very simple reason is because there has been a total frozen mentality for many many decades and everyone is hoping the u.s. is going to support them the palestinian side the arabs the state department and you know what has happened now is a new sheriff in town and his name is donald trump and he doesn't care what happened before and he doesn't care what anyone thinks and he's going to shake things up because when you shake things up in the region and you make some very bold moves things change and that's what's happening now and i think well who knows
9:45 am
if it will change is real were they more likely to take a risk to national with a for the way i don't know what they're going to realize general we could have to leave it that we're going to have to leave it that we run out of time do appreciate your perspectives on this thanks very much indeed michel barack air and south philly and simon maybe and thank you too for watching you can see the program again any time by visiting our website al-jazeera dot com and for further discussion go to our facebook page that's priest but dot com for slash a.j. inside story and you can also join the conversation on twitter handle is at a.j. inside story from a clock on the whole team here it's goodbye for now. i
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mean as i want to finally we're going ask about it but that's the ball is a board that i see well it's never thought of that this set says they're not the david one and the other the cars and the bunch is a bit shocked about that. in part one of this two part series al-jazeera explores the world of performance enhancing drugs. sports doping the endless chase on al-jazeera. eternity. secretiveness military occupation. head to my prison my freedom my heart beats my life by languages my occupation so thought
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of reason a deal to the. world could have moved. jerusalem a rock and a hard to please coming soon against the odds and in fines to the devastating loss of their loved ones and their homes women from crucial have shown enormous resilience fighting against the odds to keep going in the absence of their beloved brothers part of the. twentieth after the possible al-jazeera while tells the story of female courage in the village the last of its name. women of crucial on al-jazeera. the latest news as it breaks as well as the police investigation the prime minister says there will also be a national inquiry with detailed coverage of the arms trade with saudi arabia is going to be a very important components of life in post-breakfast of britain. from around the
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world that ally is a symbol for also must multiplied and its europeans have called there for support behind. this is al jazeera i'm dating obligato with a check on your world headlines the mother reported to russian interference in the twenty sixteen u.s. election has been completed it's been handed over to the attorney general holder side on what parts to make public and donald trump's political rivals the democrats are demanding for the details of the report to be released immediately now that special counsel muller has submitted his report to the attorney general it's
9:49 am
imperative for mr barr to make the full report public and provide its underlying documentation and findings to congress attorney general barr must not give president trump his lawyers or his staff any sneak preview of special counsel mahler's findings or evidence and the white house must not be allowed to interfere in decisions about what parts of those findings or evidence should be made public bruce fein is a constitutional lawyer and former us associate deputy attorney general he says it's up to the democrats to continue to put pressure on trump over miller's findings. there's no doubt that the house judiciary committee can subpoena the support the house judiciary committee could subpoena the president it could subpoena mr mole or they have really limitless power when they are doing investigations relating to impeachment indeed one of the articles of impeachment
9:50 am
against president nixon and which i was involved stated that his refusal to comply with the judiciary committee subpoena was itself an impeachable offense so i think this now puts the ball in the court of the house judiciary committee and and the democrats they will have to step up to the plate and take it political accountability for pushing this invasion investigation further it's or it's going to stop i think they're democrats are divided nancy pelosi the house speaker has impeachment she did the same in two thousand and six which i think emboldened some of the crimes of george w. bush and richard cheney saying impeachment is off the table because they're making political judgments rather than the judgment of whether or not the kind of conduct in the oval office is such that it creates a very great worry about it herons to the rule of law and discharging the administration of justice and writing confidence that the american people are being the the first concern of the president rather than private interest so i do think
9:51 am
that there's a division but i believe that the reason why you have continuing support for trump is because all the evidence that has been compiled to date has largely been secret you know in so with american people like in watergate need to be brought along you have to have these witnesses on t.v. subject to cross-examination so all we who are really the ultimate sovereign in the united states get to decide. diseases like cholera and malaria are emerging is the new threats and survivors and storm ravaged parts of southern africa aid agencies say a huge number of people need help especially in mozambique and zimbabwe protesters in algeria have been out in force again for a fifth friday calling for a president to flee the entire establishment to step down they rallied in the capital algiers as well as in smaller cities across the country and the white house says eisel has been one hundred percent eliminated from syria but u.s. backed syrian democratic forces say they're still heavy fighting with iceland whose
9:52 am
the last remaining pocket under the control of the armed group there is growing criticism of donald trump's announcement the u.s. should recognize the occupied golan heights as part of israel russia's foreign ministry says any such change would violate un agreements turkey egypt iran and syria have also spoken out against israel captured the golan heights from syria during the one nine hundred sixty seven war and around twenty thousand israelis live there as well as twenty thousand syrians who are mostly part of the drew sects south american leaders have decided to form a new regional bloc called. more than half the members of the previous group left last year as it became divided over how to respond to the venezuelan crisis. is not a member of the group but its opposition leader. has been invited to attend the talks those are the latest headlines on al-jazeera fourteen south africa is coming up next
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a with us. south africa nine hundred ninety nine traveling across the country to meet fourteen year old and learn about their lives. in one thousand nine hundred two you visited him over there was seven. parts eight was in its death throes and it was virtually a civil war in the run up to the first free elections.
9:54 am
they felt watching the biggest problems in south africa. to stop. this doctors talking about. spanking new foolish. five. and what you think they're fighting about. and what you think they can do to stop this. thing to finish. because god. they believe in god. seven years later. as one of the few black boys attending an exclusive private school in johannesburg . it is the eve of the second free elections mandela's term as president is almost
9:55 am
over and for. life it's good. because father is a prominent member of south africa's fast growing back middle class. i really had my mind just think he's such a good person. i've done nothing done for. just trying to me to discover that he could. he's gone from knowing just living life in the streets it's a way to just playing soccer. just on the streets to all the way just living. you know in the suburbs. and his strategy base to is a good family. at seven and a newborn year were close friends and usually you know when yours mother was black
9:56 am
and her father quite. back then she in question were together at a progressive johannesburg school but now because santa has moved. let's talk about us so i don't know i lost myself catalog what i remember is i don't know i just remembered her kids lying for cash. she's off just. to shut it not eternal jewish yes she said and just to be what was it you're actually going to hope that you don't vote. these. me i'm confused. these are all these different hard there is a kind of. karim you know there's all these different you know all these suckers in each other and we and they take cabs you don't have to go to school because it's highly dynamic to go to school so you miss school all this you wish
9:57 am
people in the school have to go and there are a hundred days and he keeps the special food and the mats and the gentleman and the metal roof but yeah. in one thousand nine hundred two. and saying we're in the same class at a school in an area of johannesburg set aside for people of mixed race. would you not to go to school with watch order. and no. no no why not. me. i like it go away do you really want to go away maybe they speak and neither can you ask him for a while no. sign what is the way that. i
9:58 am
can deliver that that. you'll fit and speak the same language day as you do do you all madam speaks the same language everybody is and that any common sleep be they speak the same language than the standard they say when they speak up and got back to me. they're both moved on to different schools and have not seen each other for five years. so much like use. this is to carry on. as a nursing home i think the saying. ok tell me if you're not offering a lot of money what are you going to do or buy me a. goddamn out by my my the elite. are by me. mattering i'm mad at them as other men read him did you read gad madam i years and
9:59 am
thousands offered and to my yeah. i did get. that uganda and say look i don't feel. like i'm valued. with. seven this was hotties favorite song she was the youngest child of the successful businessman. and my goal was. to get in the mission help me to buy everything. spoil me too much. when i was seven i was a little spoilt brats let's just put it that way. i stopped being so spoiled from the time i was about eight nine and i realized how different life can be with tabbing everything at your feet and without
10:00 am
being given everything you want if you could wish for anything what would it be. who would. wish for food. and for school. and school thing ever to live. the food first yeah and why food first so i can eat and get my head back to you then. you get to them in recent years the family firm has faced serious difficulties and they've moved north to johannesburg life is not rosy life is not rosy it has a lot of dogs it and a lot of dogs wasn't but if you strong and if you make it.


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